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Meet The Publisher, Visionary Consultant and Strategist.

Daylon C. Clark

Trusted By 500+ Professionals.

"You have changed my life."

"You are a true midwife in the spirit to birth the dreams God has put in so many hearts." – Crystal-Ann J.

Author of From Glory to Glory and Artist of Come Away.

2017 © Photo Credit, Josh Sahunta

Earning his first six-figure income before he was 21, Daylon has gained significant recognition as a rising and successful entrepreneur, strategist, publisher and visionary. 

Daylon's influence equips and empowers groups and individuals around the globe.

He consults and coaches artists, authors, speakers and business owners how to develop bulletproof strategies for any project, product or event.

Daylon takes any business or project to a whole new level with ease and excellence. It is often said that “Daylon is the guy that everyone should get to know and keep around. He is extremely resourceful and budgets like a pro.”

Meet the Co-Publisher and Creative. 

Lynnaya E. Clark

Loved and Trusted.

"I Love her to bits."

She's not only gifted but is also determined to finish any task no matter how challenging to a level of astonishing!

– Darlene G. Intercessor

2019 © Photo Credit, Daylon C. Clark

She's recognized from across the room and fills the atmosphere with laughter and peace.

Lynnaya's experience brings wisdom and prosperity to any project she puts her hand to.

Lynnaya's kind-hearted and joyful spirit speaks life into so many. She's imaginative and a solution maker.

She lives life to the fullest and encourages others to do the same and believes that everything can be achieved once you put your mind to the task.

Lynnaya brings class perspectives to each project and makes them thrive. It is often said that “Lynnaya is the girl that everyone enjoys to be around and her intelligence is past her years." She carries herself strong and confident.


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Wendy P.

Author of What Just Happened and Lord, Why Is My Marriage Not Like Theirs?.

"He is simply phenomenal. Daylon is a faithful man of the Lord and a huge asset to our team. He is incredible at what he does and I can count on him for anything in a timely matter, his advice is always sound, too. Daylon is a blessing to everyone." ​

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